About Us


Baler-Connection is a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in the craftsmanship of our products. When we’re not building Baler-Connections, we are custom baling hay, using the same equipment we well.

Each Baler-Connection comes with a limited warranty. Minimal maintenance is required because of the rigid quality and heavy duty construction. If you ever need a repair or have a concern about your Baler-Connection, we can supply parts or make any repairs necessary to keep your operation going.



Cecil Scott designed and patented the Baler-Connection, and Lacy Hay Products is proud to continue building
 for Mr. Scott.

“The bearings in the Connection are capable of 4,500 rpm while most machinery bearings are at 1,000 or less.
One guy needed a bearing replaced after baling over 105,000 bales 
using one,” said Cecil Scott. ” Maintenance
is simply greasing it as required without over-
greasing, which is no different than any other bearing.”

“If you wear the rake out, the unit is still good. Just bolt it on a new rake,” said Scott, adding, “I’ve built around 300
of them, and I haven’t heard a bad thing about one yet. 
No one has ever had a complaint, and I’ve heard nothing but
good. Those in the hay 
business will not put up hay without one now.”